About Us


Human Digital Solutions in Thailand has joined with Internet Removals Pty. Ltd. in Australia to bring their services to residents and businesses in Thailand under the name Human Internet Removals. This means you get knowledgeable and more importantly local customer service in Thailand with the experience and expertise of one of the leading Reputation Management companies in the world.

Illegal online publications causes significant damage to those who are affected. Internet Removals started in 2011 as an agent for positive change, reform and removal. GoDaddy soon noticed and called them the pioneer of Content Removal. They built on their success and are now considered The Content Removal Experts.

In 2018, their team featured on several notable news outlets. This includes Channel 9 (Sixty Minutes) Channel 10 (The Project), ABC Drive Radio, ABC (The Signal), KIIS FM, Washington Post and News.com.au. See more here.

Internet Removals love a challenge. They continuously work to improve their knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of the latest technology, issues and regulations related to content removal. As a result, they are able to offer their clients services across every spectrum of matter type and complexity. Now through Human Internet Removals, these services are readily available to customers in Thailand.

At last count, Internet Removals had removed over 77,421 URL's and that number continues to grow. The team at Internet Removals has helped thousands of individuals and businesses across a vast array of online problems. This includes:

False/fake reviews;
Breaches of confidentiality;
IP & copyright infringement;
Cyber abuse & harassment;
Image based abuse (revenge porn);
Account theft; and
Piracy Protection.

They are proudly Australian owned and operated, but they service customers all over the world.

Do not just listen to what we say about Internet Removals; listen to the feedback from their clients.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our team via email on [email protected] or call 
+66 033 005 920.