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Has your business ever been the target of online trolling?

In the good old days, a customer complaint might be dealt with face-to-face. But in the digital age, these keyboard warriors have no qualms with trashing your online reputation – be it a scathing Facebook review or a snide Google My Business rating.

Andrew sits down with the guys whose job it is to take down the trolls and salvage your online reputation. John Ibbitson and Zach of Internet Removals are in the MeMedia studio for our 105th episode of 'Get Fact Up'.

Sixty Minutes

Age of outrage, Unmasked

On 60 MINUTES: Charles Wooley finds out why Australians are so happy to hate. But is the age of outrage killing free speech? Plus, unmasking the man accused of being the Golden State Killer, one of the worst serial predators in history.

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Channel 10

Should Our Internet Past Be Forgotten?

After the outcry of anger against late night talk host Trevor Noah's jokes from four years ago, we ask the question; do we have the right to be forgotten?

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The nightmare of mopping up your online reputation and the 'right to be forgotten'

The internet never forgets, and it is a lesson South African comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, is learning this week after a clip of him performing a racist joke about Aboriginal women resurfaced, five years after he said it.

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Aussie businesses claim customers are using review site to ‘extort’ them
COMPANIES say some customers are using this website to bleed Aussie businesses dry by using it to “blackmail” them for better deals.
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The text that turned a Tinder match into a living nightmare
ONE stomach-turning text is all it took for Mark to realise his flirtatious Tinder conversation was all part of an elaborate dating scam.
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The terrifying Tinder scam catching out countless Australians
THEIR profile looks the same as any other potential date but really it has been carefully cultivated to draw you in and take your money.
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Names and locations of Aussie women being listed on sick revenge porn websites
A SICK revenge porn website has naked photos of Australian women listed by name and suburb. And there’s not much that can be done.
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Revenge porn: How to tell if your date is crazy
EXPERTS are pleading with Australians to be more mindful of a shady practice while dating, which has the potential to ruin their lives.
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Off the back of our recent comments to in respect to Tinder Extortion and Cyber Crime, our Brendon Mcalpine was featured on KIIS FM.
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