Content Monitoring

Content Monitoring

There just isn’t enough time in the day to explore everything that is said on-line. The internet has become the place to chat, comment and store vast amounts of data.

Human Internet Removals understand that as an individual, small or large company you certainly would like to monitor what is being said about you on-line. Who is making the comments and what platform they are using? This of course undertaken by an individual or company will take up a large amount of time if done manually, or indeed with the help of the normal tools like google alert. With all this at your disposal you still won’t get the full picture.

Human Internet Removal have over a number of years developed and created a very sophisticated monitoring system which will identify comments on-line, it will pinpoint to the client when they occur.

The usage for this system caters to a number of applications. This can be for an individual, business large or small. A famous sportsperson, entertainer, who wants to protect and build their reputation. A company that prides itself on the brand that they have built up wants to create a positive experience and looks to monitor and keep their credibility.

We have the right solution to solve your online problem.

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