Content Removal

Content Removal

It is now a recognised fact when we look to make a judgment to any purchase, we are likely to make, we instinctively look to the internet. We have at our disposable an array of websites, forums, social media platforms that give us the ability to make a more deliberate decision. This is based on experience and the knowledge of millions of consumers.

We have the online giants, Google and Facebook who are the master of collecting all kinds of data, reflecting all aspect of consumer experiences. This data is used to indicate all facet of purchasing. The star rating has become the buzz word, and we naturally look to see how many stars a product or service has before we make that vital decision. We are typically guided and encouraged to seek out the best performers.

An emphasis is always made on a score that will reflect a company or individual in the best light possible. But a bad review, an online attack by a competitor, or somebody puts a fake review online creates a false and unwanted impression that is going to damage your online reputation.

Statistics show the habits and decision of consumers based on their online experience.

  • 82% of consumers conduct online research before buying;
  • 88% of consumers believe reviews as if recommended by a friend or family member;
  • 72% of consumers will treat you as if you don't exist upon locating harmful online content.

As individuals, we are instinctively drawn to what the internet has to offer. While this can be used to our advantage, it also poses a threat to our privacy. It can cause undue damage through a false statement, unwanted videos and pictures. These can also be easily shared to all aspects of social media, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Snapchat, Google. We share our private information which can fall into the wrong hands and be subsequently posted, leaving you very vulnerable.

Some example of the consequences

  • Partners posting 'Revenge Porn';
  • Ex-business partners posting personal information; and
  • Ex-staff posting untrue and unjust stories online

The unfortunate consequence is that these highly ranked platforms make it easy to go viral, creating embarrassment and harm.

The good news is that human Internet Removal has removed thousands of unwanted contents on all major sites and dozens of other online platforms throughout the world.

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