What is content removal?

Content Removal is the process of drafting, submitting and managing applications for the removal of unwarranted, false, misleading or potentially illegal content from the internet. Internet Removals places these applications on behalf of their clients based on their clients’ instructions. They are made to any party deemed to be offending, which can include but is not limited to publishers such as Google INC (and associated country-specific platforms), Facebook (and associated entities) and various other websites and review platforms. To date, Internet Removals have successfully removed over 77,000 URLS for their clients. For more information on content removal see here.

How much does content removal cost?

Content Removal is not 'one size fits all'. Every client is unique and has different requirements. This includes the type of content, the volume of URL’S to be removed and the platforms to deal with. As such, we tailor our solution exactly to your needs.

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Can you remove content from Google?

Yes, we can! A high percentage of successful removals was from Google and their associated entities. This includes Google reviews as well as content that shows up in Google search results.

Can you remove content from Facebook?

As with Google, a high percentage of successful removals are from Facebook and their associated entities. The type of content removed from Facebook includes Facebook reviews, Facebook pages as well as groups.

Can you remove content from Instagram?

Instagram is another platform where Internet Removals have successfully removed a significant amount of content. This includes Instagram Accounts, Instagram Tags and Instagram comments.

Can you remove content from YouTube?

Internet Removals has been successful in removing negative online content from YouTube. This includes both YouTube videos as well as Channels.

Who is Internet Removals?

Read our story.

Why trust Internet Removals?

GoDaddy, called Internet Removals “The pioneers of the Content Removal industry”. They not only built the industry, but they are the industry. They work to ensure that their clients, both new and old, continue to have a positive association with content removal by delivering high levels of success and customer service.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to find out more, please contact our team via email on te[email protected] or call +66 033 005920