Our Expertise


Human internet removals are excited that our Australian partner has proven expertise in content removal as well as other services

Content Removal

The team at Internet Removals works to help individuals as well as businesses in the removal of content that may be illegal or violates to Terms of Service of an ISP, a Web Host or a Website. At this writing they have removed over 77,000 URL’s for their clients and the number keeps growing.

Internet Removals has worked to create and refine their process for drafting, lodging and managing content removal applications. Their results place them firmly as the leaders in both success rate and reputation.

Their core business is removing content for their clients.

Content Monitoring

Internet Removals can also provide content monitoring services. They have developed a sophisticated and highly accurate monitoring system that identifies and notifies businesses and individuals to digital mentions as and when they happen.

We can then consult with you, advise the options and take swift action.

Account Recovery

Social Media and email accounts are often lost or hacked. This can affect both corporate and private users. In cases where you cannot recover a password yourself or regain access to your account, this can put your sensitive information and content at risk of dissemination or abuse.

Internet Removals are specialists in account recover and can help you get your account back. Some of the most common accounts they Account recovery is something that Internet Removals specialises in recovering accounts for their clients. This includes Facebook pages, Instagram handles, Gmail and Hotmail accounts as we as other platforms.

DMCA Takedown

(Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

DMCA and Copyright Infringement can a happen to both individuals and businesses. I can cause excessive damage as well as cost a significant amount in lost revenue.

In the private sector, this often takes the form of intimate images shared by ex-partners. This can cause the victim to experience devastating embarrassment, shame and even abuse.

A business that distributes images, videos, music or software could experience significant lost revenue when distributed without consent.

Internet Removals are experts in removing content that you rightfully own from websites that are wrongfully publishing or distributing.