Reputaion Management

What is 'Reputation Management'?

Reputation Management is the practice of shaping the online public perception of a business or individual. Having a bad reputation can be devastating. Achieving a positive reputation is a critical factor in success. It can be characterised not only as content removal, but also of promoting or creating positive content.

Reputation Management is a subindustry of Digital Marketing & SEO. Content removal is a relatively new component. GoDaddy Inc credited Internet Removals with the creation and evolution of the Content Removal industry within Reputation Management.

The purpose of 'Reputation Management', whether in reference to the industry or process, is to achieve the removal of content from the internet that is factually inaccurate, misleading or otherwise harmful whilst also assisting in identifying any new content of concern and providing advice.

The platforms dealt with are diverse. Some of the more common platforms include:

Google Search (AU, UK, NZ, CA, IN, ID, SA, MY, HK);
Google Reviews;
YouTube; and

(There are actually hundreds of others as well).

Internet Removals, have invested over 7 years into creating and refining a process for drafting, lodging and managing content removal applications. They have a proven success record resulting in the removal of thousands of URLS’s. Internet Removals are the leaders of this industry in both success and reputation.

Equally important as having harmful content removed is identifying new content before it can gain traction. Internet Removals have invested years into building a system that identifies new digital mentions of a negative sentiment and alerts to you them immediately.

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