Brian, Jeweller

“I’m so proud of what Internet Removals has achieved for me. I can’t thank you enough.”

Col, Investigator

"For over a year i was maligned and personally attacked on various Facebook ‘hate pages’ and other internet sites. This caused my family and I emotional distress as well as affected my business reputation. I tried all avenues without success to have these pages either removed or shut down. After talking to the professionals at Internet Removals all the ‘hate pages’ were removed within 48 hours.

I am a private investigator and had literally expended every avenue i considered available in my professional capacity to have the ‘hate pages’ shut down or removed without success. I am amazed at how quickly Internet Removals was able to achieve this outcome. My family is thrilled, i am very elated and i thoroughly recommend Internet Removals to anyone who experiences the unpleasantness of being falsely maligned on the internet.”


“I saw that Internet Removals had removed the article. I’m so thankful for their efforts in this regard. I really appreciate it.”

Rocco, Real Estate

“In matters of content removal and all other aspects of removing illegal online content, the expertise at Internet Removals is truly unsurpassed.”

Esan, Barrister

“The work of Internet Removals was very much appreciated. I’m so thankful for the ongoing effort and success.”

Anthony, CEO

"I gained the services of Internet Removals in Jan 2016 when I was maliciously defamed online. The team at Internet Removals have since removed over 90 defamatory URL’s created by an unknown criminal, allowing me to move on with my professional career. The team at Internet Removals acted in a highly professional manner and always attended to my questions with swift and educated responses. I personally recommend Internet Removals for anyone who is suffering Online Defamation, as they have gained significant success for me and helped me resolve these issues."


“The personable service we received was appreciated by all.”

Neil V

“The assistance Internet Removals provided me was nothing but first class. The results achieved matched my expectations exactly. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Joe F, Builder

“In matters of content removal and all other aspects of removing illegal online content, the expertise at Internet Removals is truly unsurpassed.”

Neil G, Entertainment

“I would highly recommend any individual or business suffering issues online to use the services of Internet Removals. They are cost effective, friendly, caring and determined to get success for their clients.”

Catherine Healey

"I have tried for approximately 3 years to get rid of the Facebook page associated with our business. We could not trace the person who set it up and consequently could not manage the insults, falsehoods and extremely damaging reviews left. As it became apparent to the public that the messages could not be removed, we assume our competitors used the page as a form of attack against us. I tried emailing Facebook in the US and failed. I tried telephoning and failed. I sought the advice of two web site creators to remove the page. They failed. I was told that there was nothing we could do to remove the page. I was desperate when I put into goggle “ help me remove facebook” Within 3 days of speaking to Internet Removals, the facebook page and its appalling comments had gone…..FOREVER. My only regret, that I had not contacted Internet Removals 3 years ago. Thank you one million times."


Our team would like to thank internet removals for their fast action after our request to remove a misleading review for us. We were always kept in the loop for the process to have a review taken down which gave us peace of mind.

January 19, 2018
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